Your Guide to Age Verification and Identity Proofing

Your Guide to Age Verification and Identity Proofing

What is identity proofing? Why is age verification required for digital platforms?  What are the other methods of avoiding fraudsters carrying out a digital process on behalf of others?

In the era of digitalization, creating a safe and secure environment is a key to success. This is not a new concept, however. Verifying one’s identity has always been a part of the modern world, for instance, visiting your healthcare provider, opening a bank account, or even going to a club – checking your physical ID is what gets you places.

Digital identity verification is simply a process that guarantees the realness of a person behind an action. Modern identity verification software helps businesses to avoid fraudsters carrying out a digital process on behalf of others without their consent while averting fraud or stealing identities.  

What Is Identity Proofing?

With the rise of online platforms, identity proofing services have been implemented in our daily lives. The simple identity proofing definition is the following: a system that ensures that the user is who they claim to be. 

Digital identity verification is everywhere nowadays. This has also resulted in emerging identity-proofing products, as well as different companies that strive to be creative, innovative, and effective. 

What Is Age Verification?

Age verification is one of the identity proofing services. This is a system that ensures that the people using a digital platform or a service are above a certain age. In other words, age verification software makes sure that users consume content that is appropriate for their age.

Age verification systems, otherwise known as age gate, offer a variety of different methods in order to restrict certain age groups from viewing materials that might not be suitable for them.

The most popular methods of verifying one’s age are:

  • Birth Date Verification
  • Credit Card Verification
  • Federated Identification
  • Face Recognition

Identity Verifying Software

Finding reliable digital identity verification software is not an easy task. But, with the help of Identomat our digital space can certainly become safe and secure. 

Our AI-powered identity verification and KYC solutions offer never-before-seen benefits for companies looking into investing in identity-verifying software. 

Firstly, with Identomat, account activation is a quick and smooth process rather than annoying and time-consuming. Companies often fail to understand that taking safety measures is usually boring for customers. The identity verification process results in a 68% abandonment rate from end-users. It is undeniable that customer happiness is the determining factor of business success, so losing customers over a tedious and slow verification process is disappointing. 

Although, Identomat allows companies to create a more welcoming and friendly atmosphere for new users. Using our software means that the verification process does not require high effort or much of customers’ time anymore. 100x faster account activation and customer happiness are guaranteed with Identomat identity verifying software. 

Secondly, the manual identity verification process means lost opportunities. Because of manual identity checks, over $100B in opportunity costs are incurred. Identomat can save your company from these losses. With the software, businesses do not have to use a massive amount of human resources, transaction time, and revenue. Identomat gives your company employees a chance to focus on other tasks, which results in increased productivity and a gain in opportunity cost.

However, this isn’t all – Identomat’s functionalities are vast and diverse, created to match your needs, prevent fraud, and make identity verification a crucial part of your journey towards safety. Let’s go over some of the key functionalities Identomat offers.

Selfie to ID Match

Nowadays, ID Verification can be found practically everywhere, in all sorts of different ways. This tool allows us to verify not only the identity of the user, but also their age, and the validity of their document.

With the help of Identomat’s Selfie to ID Match solution, and its AI-powered system, a user is asked to capture the front and the back of the ID document so that it can be matched with a selfie according to the similarity score.

Active Liveness Check

Over the past years, liveness checks have gained rising popularity in the digital realm. This quick and easy-to-use tool guarantees the realness of a person by providing a biometric check through the camera.

With the help of Identomat’s Active Liveness Check tool, a user is given a certain motion to repeat on camera to verify their identity in real-time.

According to Identomat, Active Liveness Checks provide the highest accuracy.

Passive Liveness Check

Another way of a liveness check is a Passive Liveness Check functionality that Identomat introduces. This tool allows the user to simply take a selfie in order to verify who they claim to be with a faster, more seamless experience.

Video Verification

Not every identity verification tool is AI-powered. There are times when a company or even government regulations come into play and this is exactly where the Video Verification tool shines.

With Identomat’s Video Verification functionality, there’s another, a human layer that plays a huge part in verifying one’s identity. A built-in video chat tool perfectly paired up with an AI guarantees the visual checks to be performed quickly and correctly.


Optical Character Recognition, otherwise known as OCR, has been around in the world of identity verification for quite some time. We’ve seen OCR being used in search engines, translation, and photo editing apps.

Identomat offers its users OCR that can make your journey quick, productive, and secure, by allowing necessary information from the documents to be extracted accurately in order to be turned into data.

ID Validity Check

With the assistance of AI-powered technology, ID Validity Checks have never been this accessible!

Identomat introduces an automatic technology that captures ID documents in a high-quality resolution. Additionally, the biometric data and identifiable information is extracted from the document in order for its validity to be fully assessed. 

Sanctions and PEP Screenings

In a digital world, where anyone can claim to be someone they’re not, it is also possible that we encounter those that have a history of fraud, especially associated with money laundering and criminal activities. We understand how concerning this issue is.

This is why Identomat offers Sanctions and PEP Screenings, allowing one to check each prospective client through sanctions lists, as well as politically exposed persons databases, in order to support the safety for all!

Specialized Watchlists

Last but certainly not least, Specialized Watchlist is an important tool provided by Identomat that adds another layer of security. 

Specialised Watchlist is similar to PEP and sanctions screenings. However, this technology is more broad, allowing the software to cross-check every customer’s identity. 

Identomat makes sure that prospective customers are checked against custom databases of high-risk persons. This way your company is safe from being exposed to dangerous individuals and the data is secured. 

Modern challenges require modern solutions – Ideontomat is your modern solution.

As described above, Identomat offers technologically advanced software that enables companies to save time and resources by automating old-fashioned, manual tasks. In the end, identity verifying software attracts more customers, makes them feel safe, and increases customer satisfaction. 

With Identomat software, human error, the chance of betrayal, unforeseen expenses, and tiring slow processes are all eliminated. As depicted throughout the blog, Identomat never fails to recognize risky behaviour. Hybrid, remote, and digital identity verification options and the seven modules listed above make Identomat software a top favourite for modern companies. 

More and more companies are shifting online, and the demand for automated identity checks is increasing. Level up technologically and competitively with Identomat by including identity verifying software in your company’s daily routine. Results, such as decreased labour cost, speedy customer onboarding, and increased revenue, are only the beginning. 

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